Packing Tips

Packing a suitcaseIt is important to pack lightly! For security purposes Parents are not allowed in the building and citizens will have to carry their own luggage (possibly up several flights of stairs).


Things to bring to Florida Girls State:

  1. Prom dress (or a formal dress) and the shoes that go with it
  2. A small Fan
  3. Knee Length (or longer) shorts, skirts, capris, or pants of any color or print. Jeans will only be permitted during free time.
  4. Comfortable clothes to wear during free time (Gym shorts, sweats, t shirts, tank tops, jeans, etc.)
  5. Comfortable shoes to walk in.
  6. Flip flops or other shoes to wear in the shower.
  7. Basic toiletries and hygiene products.
  8. Materials to make campaign posters or signs (posterboard, paper, markers, paint, etc.)
  9. Blue and gold clothing and materials that you will use once you find out what political party you are assigned to!
  10. Some spending money for snacks, late night pizza parties, and souvenirs!
  11. Singles and change for the vending machines.
  12. Sheets, pillows, towels.
  13. A great attitude for a great week!


  1. Pre printed, or pre made campaign materials
  2. Shorts or skirts that are above the knee
  3. Drugs or Alcohol
  4. Computer or Printer (There is no wireless internet connection available to participants and we work hard to ensure that all candidates have equal opportunities)

Cell Phone Use:

Girls State is a cell phone free learning environment similar to that found in most high schools. Citizens are not permitted to use cell phones outside of the dormitory, as they will be working hard during general sessions, committee work, and campaigning. Citizens will be allowed to use their phones during “scheduled” free time, and in the evenings when all county business is complete each day. Don’t fret friends and family, our schedule is full and you may not hear from your daughter or loved one until later in the evenings as the citizens are often working on the program until 9pm or 10pm! If a citizen is found using her cell phone during the session it will be confiscated, inventoried, and housed in the Empire Girls State Office until check out on Saturday morning. Citizens who have their phones confiscated will need to make arrangements with our staff to make phone calls.

***Please be advised that citizens should bring a camera OTHER than their cell phone with them to Florida Girls State***