Information for High Schools

Eligibility Requirements

• The American Legion Auxiliary sponsors girls who are just completing 11th grade and are in the top 1/3 of their class.
• Girls under consideration for any other conflicting activities are not acceptable candidates.
• Previous Girls State citizens shall not be eligible as a candidate. The Department Chairman may accept or reject any applicant.
• Candidates shall be selected on the basis of outstanding leadership, scholastic merit, interest in community and government, character, honesty, and cooperativeness.
• It is not necessary to be a child or relative of a veteran.

Selection Process

• Each unit should team up with the school to select their citizens each year
• The unit, not the school, makes the final determination of who they will be sponsoring each year.
• The girls should be interviewed either in a group interview or a one on one interview that is conducted by American Legion Auxiliary members.
• If possible, Units would love to speak to the girls of the entire junior class about the opportunities that Florida Girls State may provide.

How can you help?

• Provide units a list of the girls in the top 1/3 of their class and their contact information.
• Allow American Legion Auxiliary members to come in and present on the opportunities Florida Girls State provides.
• Allow former Florida Girls State citizens from the school to share their experiences.
• Consider donating to this great program!